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5401 Lucas and Hunt Rd, St. Louis, MO 63121
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Our Vision


We envision Kingdom State not being solely known as a place to have church but rather a learning center for life and a “third” place for community – exemplifying that a relationship with God is not just relegated to a Sunday worship service, but rather a reconstructed divinely-­‐inspired approach to everyday living.

When you think of a university, from an educational institution perspective; the campus is comprised of a diverse group of individuals that make up one body, with a shared value of higher learning.

KSU’s vision of church is being a dynamic ministry comprised of a diverse people, unified as one through Christ, with a shared value of higher learning. Thus each Sunday service is converted into a college classroom where thought-­‐provoking inspirational messages are presented to cultivate spiritual growth.

Mission is to Raise awareness, educate and inspire a community toward a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

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