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KSU Ministries

Theology Intersecting Culture


K-Life Groups

Be a part of a Kingdom Life Group (K-Life Group). This is an opportunity to do life together and build meaningful relationships. It is in the context of small groups that genuine authentic community, fellowship and growth is established.  

No one gets anywhere worthwhile alone because God has divinely designed us not for isolation, but for community. And it is only in the context of community that we can bear the fruits of the Spirit. Therefore, we need each other and God calls us to serve and love one another. Each week, K-Life Groups gather on Wednesdays to discuss their thoughts from Sunday’s message. These are inviting atmospheres that welcome questions, testimonies, further insight and examples of application. It's an opportunity for iron to sharpen iron, pray together and discuss the activity of God in our lives. K-Life Groups are also great small gatherings to invite a friend.


The MIS Program

Mission – to facilitate transformation at life’s first Major InterSection.

Did you know that 70% of graduating high school seniors disconnect from the church once they begin to live life independently? This makes Millennial’s and young adults the fastest growing demographic moving away from the church.

KSU recognizes this and seeks to do something about it. We have labeled the transition from adolescence to young adulthood the first major intersection of life! Therefore, KSU has designed a program that meets a need!

The Major InterSection Program (The MIS Program) raises awareness, educates and inspires youth and young adults to stay connected to their Christian faith through their adolescent years into adulthood through topics such as: Relationships, Parenting, Discovering Purpose, Leadership and Financial Literacy.

To learn more about The MIS Program and how to enroll – email us at info@kingdomsu.org


FLO – Faith Lived Out

Coming Soon! – New podcast for ladies

Faith lived out with Ebony & Joy

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